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Two Days Without Cancellations!

This year I have been blessed to work with some truly incredible practices and play a role in their wins! I'm thankful for their trust and for the opportunity to be able to make a difference!

Today, I want to tell you about the team at Atlas Physical Therapy in Glen Burnie, MD. This is a real team of Rock Stars and they had 2 days without cancellations in the last 2 weeks! (We call those 'Pink Unicorn Days' because they seem impossible to achieve. See this post for more)

Even better…they BOTH occurred on a Monday! They had just received their pink unicorn award when they had their next perfect day!! We all celebrated their success!


Imagine if your schedule was completely full for Monday BEFORE you left on Friday AND everyone showed up for their appointments on Monday? Now, how would it feel if it happened not once, but TWICE in 2 weeks?


That's exactly what happened for Atlas Physical Therapy and as the picture shows, they were ecstatic!!

The story behind their success

TJ contacted me earlier this year. He wanted to train his front office team but also have a system he could use for future hires and as he and Laura expand their practice into multiple clinic locations.

Like many of my clients, TJ informed me that his front office team struggled to effectively manage their patients. He needed an all-inclusive program that would offer training and help them establish proven patient management systems.

I started working with the Atlas Physical Therapy team in May. As the began my Basic Patient Care Coordinator Program, the team learned how to convert calls (new patient leads) to scheduled and arriving new patients. And they learned skills to successfully walk the new patient through the process from the first call all the way through a fully scheduled out plan of care. They now have some of the best-trained new patients around!

As we continued with the training, TJ's team learned how to increase arrival rate using my proven Cancellation Prevention Program. This included: how to properly manage patients and ensure they understand to importance of attending their care. Upon completion of their training, they were masters of the new patient process, scheduling out a full plan of care, prevention of same-day cancellations and no-shows, and how to properly manage their schedule to keep it filled, and their patient drop-offs have also gone down.

The Atlas Physical Therapy team has been so much fun to work with and watching them grow and expand their skills. They saw results week after week. TJ and his front office team now have proven systems for patient management and are more willing to confront and handle common issues that used to derail the practice's progress (issues like patient cancellations, no-shows, difficulty collecting what’s due, getting patients to fully schedule their plan of care…and so much more).

They even continue to share their wins months after completing the program. They’re thinking outside the box when it comes to patient management and it shows!

Does your team struggle to convert calls to scheduled and arriving new patients?

Do potential new patients cancel before arriving for their evaluation? Do only some new patients schedule out their plan of care?

Do you suffer with high same day cancellations and no-shows?

Does your team struggle to manage patients who frequently cancel and no-show?

Is your schedule well-balanced and consistently filled? Do you struggle to keep patients from dropping out of care?

Do you have a lot of patients who aren’t scheduled for their prescribed appointments?

If you answered yes to any of these question above, I understand because I've been there before. And my Basic Patient Care Coordinator Program will help with that.

This program offers specific training and systems for management of your current patients including: a top notch, never seen anywhere else cancellation program and my patient care card system that improves communication, patient management, arrivals, and ensures more patients are scheduled for their prescribed visits week after week.


Your front office is the first and last point of contact for every patient AND they’re the gate keepers to your schedule. Front office training and specific systems are essential for maximizing your ability to help people get the care they need. With training and specifically designed patient management systems, your front office team will have the tools they need to efficiently and effectively manage patients and fill your schedule.

Want to learn more? Click here to schedule a FREE Discovery Call to learn more about my programs and how I can help.

Wishing you the best, today and always!



I started Front Office GURU with a single goal in mind and that’s to help private practices thrive. Your front office plays an integral role in your success and yet, most practices don’t have set training and systems to ensure that everyone in the front office manages patients the same way.

Don’t wait until the perfect time to get started because there will never be that perfect time, that perfect staff.

As a practice owner, former manager, and the Front Office GURU, I understand the difficulties you face because I've been there. And my programs provide the solution.

Click here to schedule a FREE Discovery Call to learn more about my programs.


The Front Office GURU Training Academy is an online training platform for you and your front desk! It's great for team building and establishing successful systems and training for your front desk. And the BEST part? YOU don't have to recreate the wheel - it's ALL done for YOU!! Just set up your team and they can get started right away...

Your Patient Care Coordinators will feel welcome and supported as the training is ALL about them. And even MORE is coming soon! Click HERE for more info and get started right away!


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