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Training that gets RESULTS!

Read SUCCESS Stories from Practice Owners and front desk team members

who completed and implemented my training

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Karen Pettine

PT, DPT, Schroth Certified

Owner at ABQ Scoliosis and Spine Therapy

“Dee, Just wanted to send you a quick thank you. We are really finding value in your materials, and it is helping! We had a 91% arrival rate today and before your course we were in the high 70’s to low 80’s range. We appreciate you!”

Mark and Tiffany Eddy

Owner and Director of Administration

Campus Commons Physical Therapy

"It has been and continues to be very beneficial for our team and our business to have the Front Office Academy as a tool we work with frequently. It helps us with our training when onboarding our new Patient Care Coordinators as well as to be utilized as needed for our Patient Care Coordinators to do some refreshers. Dee is very thorough in her videos on how she explains processes and it’s easy for our team members to understand all of the content. We have a very organized and efficient flow in our front office and this has so much to do with the systems we’ve implemented from Dee’s program. I highly recommend this academy for all practices."

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Jaci Weise

Physical Therapist Assistant

OrthoRehab Physical Therapy

“Hey Dee, I just want to thank you so much for all the time and drills you had with us. I have learned so much and am able to sound more professional when dealing with clients in the front. I didn’t really think much about the patient care coordinator position as I went back to get a second degree as a PTA. You have really made me reconsider my position as a PCC, and that regardless of my PTA degree, I went back to school to help people in any way I can. You really helped me just want to help people get the care they need no matter my position! And the patients really like that. I am setting up their appointments as well as treating them, almost fell like I am double dipping in the warm fuzzy zone on that one! Even my PT has said what a special bond I have with some of the patients when they get to work with me twice in a day. Thank you so much again, I really appreciate all you have done for our group!”

Kristi Grayson

Co-Owner + Director of Administation

NCEPT Physical Therapy

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Dee Bills in the training of our front office team! Dee is upbeat, optimistic and organized! She provides a positive, informational and powerful training environment for my team which allows each of them to learn, ask questions, drill and grow exponentially.


In fact, through the training process, one patient service specialist on my team has come out of her shell and has blossomed in an amazing way since the roll out of the Missed Visit Policy. She now feels more confident and better empowered to help patients, respond to patients and lead patients through their physical therapy experience because she has a new bag of tools learned as a result of this education.

In addition, I, as a leader, have reproducible resources to onboard new team members as this is NOW a required training for ALL new admin team members. This is significant because I can onboard new hires by referring to the reading, questions, drills and videos and not have it dependent solely on me.

Thank you Dee for all of your support, encouragement and wisdom both for my team members and for me. In addition, I’m thankful for your availability outside of our set meetings and for our developing friendship.

I look forward to continuing to partner together to make a difference in our patients’ lives, team members’ lives and in each other’s lives. And I would recommend Dee Bills and her Front Office Guru training to anyone who wants to grow and empower their team!"

Adam Robin

PT, DPT, Owner

Southern PT Clinic

Check out how the Front Office GURU helped Adam identify, understand and improve one of the biggest pain points on their physical therapy clinic’s processes.

“Adam and I worked together in 2021. His practice was struggling with lowered patient arrivals and a lack of schedule efficiency. He wanted to expand the practice and help more patients of all ages. I provided the front office with training and systems and they all began to thrive.” – Dee Bills


Patient Care Coordinator

Teton Therapy

“After working with Dee on the New Patient Conversions Program. I feel I’ve gained tools for managing difficult situations with greater confidence. Learning the difference between emphasizing a need rather than a want when talking with patients has been…” 

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Patient Care Coordinator

Achievement Rehab - Florida

“One thing I’ve mastered now after our Front Office GURU course with Dee is definitely the ability to tell my patients what we NEED from them. Just changing that one word in my scripting alone has helped me feel more confident in communicating with not just my patients but their PCP’s as well!

I used to apologize for everything I have since stopped saying ‘sorry’ for things that are out of my control, and now since telling patients I NEED rather than what I want them to do, I have seen an increase in patients adhering to their plan of care!

Since working with Dee, my clinic numbers have been going up and up each week that passes!”


Patient Care Coordinator

Chautauqua Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

I was such a pushover when it came to upset patients and handling patients. Learning how to handle a patient has made my job so much easier! I am more confident when I talk and when I tell a patient I need them to do something. When I successfully handle a patient, I refer to “going GURU on them” and it is a great feeling to be in control and still be respectful. I am thrilled to keep training with the Front Office GURU program and continue to become a better patient care coordinator. A special thanks to Dee for dedicating her time and effort in creating awesome Patient Care Coordinators (PCC)!

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Patient Care Coordinator

Rx Rehab Physical Therapy

“The Front Office GURU program has helped me so much in being successful in my job as a Patient Care Coordinator! It has organized our paperwork and processes in our clinic so much. I now feel like there is something implemented to help each patient in each of their unique situations. I feel in control with our patients, but still able to show them that we care about them and their well-being! Our efficiency and ability to help patients has increased and I am excited to see the success that lies ahead of us as we continue to work with Dee.”


Director of Admin

California Therapy Solutions

"Dee Bills is an amazing individual who has taken the time to share with us, what works best in the patient care coordinator (PCC) realm of physical therapy. This position is key to all physical therapy offices in the simple fact that our PCC’s are the front line of our business. They are responsible for making sure our patients are scheduled, their insurance verified, communicating the policies of the clinic, answering the telephone and so much more. It is imperative that our PCC’s become educated in policies and procedures that are proven to help the company succeed and thrive.

Front Office GURU is definitely the ticket!"

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Front Office Lead

Campus Commons Physical Therapy

"Although having prior experience as a patient care coordinator, the online training videos helped me solidify a lot of key components to the patient care process. It has helped me fine tune the delivery with the language around talking about accountability with plan of cares and how to handle conversations regarding a missed visit. The breakdown of each video/section makes it easy to learn about each topic; being able to watch the videos and discuss with our team has opened up a lot of healthy conversations around patient care and has definitely helped us grow in our positions and as people. I appreciate Dee and the online training academy very much."


Patient Care Coordinator

Advantage PT, Redmond, WA

“I love the opportunity to communicate with my patients more efficiently, ensuring their experience within our clinic is completely well rounded from the care they receive to the front desk. The many tools and training sessions are providing excellent unity within our several locations, providing a whole team consistency.

“The compliments from patients are rewarding and enriching as we strive to help them. Dee has done an awesome job of creating efficient training that bridges patient experiences and therapist goals into a flawless program for clinics.”

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Patient Care Coordinator

Atlas Physical Therapy

“Dee’s program is truly a life changing program to be a part of. It’s no coincidence that you’ve come across her amazing program. With the help of Dee and her program our arrival rate has sky rocketed!! In the beginning before her program our arrivals were anywhere between 83%-87% on a good day. We were constantly struggling with patients calling to cancel their appointments.


Each week we go through a key chapter together and began implementing each and every thing Dee recommended. And we would always ask her about scenarios we faced throughout the week and ask for suggestions or how do we handle this in the future?

As we started implementing more & more stuff Dee suggested as her program went on we saw our arrival rates go all the way up to anywhere between 92%-100%!! With Dee’s help, we have achieved not one but TWO 100% efficiency and patient arrival days! At the end of each week, we as a front desk look back and reflect on our arrival rate and cancel and no show rates, we look at things we could do differently or things we did that really helped and we share those with Dee. 

​Thank you Dee for everything & becoming a lifelong friend!”

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