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Dee Bills, PT, Front Office Guru

Your front office staff is the first, last and MAIN point of contact for EVERY patient who contacts your practice. And they need to know how to manage people + handle objections in order to take control of your schedule, prevent cancellations, and collect what's due at the time of visit.


Back in 2012, our arrival rate was 75% because my front office staff struggled to properly handle patients to get them to arrive for care or provide enough notice so they could effectively control the schedule and help another patient in need of an appointment. 

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I knew they needed training, but I couldn't find a consistent program that got results; so I created my own.


In 2013, we went from 75% to 95% daily patient arrivals with the skills training I created for my front desk staff. The training provided them with the tools they needed to handle their patients, get them scheduled and consistently arriving for care, and a set process to follow to prevent same-day cancels and no-shows.


I found myself helping other practice owners who had the same issues with same-day cancellations and no-shows so started Front Office GURU to share my results driving Cancellation Prevention Program.


Not only have other practices gotten similar results, the training has allows the front office to take control of their position so the practice owner and managers can focus on other important actions that lead to practice success. 

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“Since we’ve started using Dee’s Front Office GURU training, we have had an easier time getting our patients to commit to their physical therapy and showing up for all of their scheduled appointments. Front Office GURU is the simplest thing to implement with any front desk employees.

“It’s simply a matter of your wording and enthusiasm when talking to patients to get them to not cancel their appointments and we’ve learned this with the Front Office GURU training. Oh, and we had 100% arrivals THREE days in a row this week!!”

Betsy Oblak, Front Office Manager, Teton Therapy, Wyoming

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