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People often ask, 'how did you become the Front Office GURU?' 

Here's the story of how I got started...

It’s 2012 and I’m sitting in a private practice financial course. The speaker is telling the group that in order to improve your own survival and that of your company, you need to make more money.


But, I’m sitting here thinking, "Well, duh…but HOW do we make more money?"


"HOW do we increase practice revenue when insurance reimbursements are declining at a rapid pace, when staff need and want to make more, when liability insurance and other benefits costs continue to rise.”


At this point I’m extremely perplexed about how we’re supposed to ‘make more money’.


So, I decide to raise my hand and ask...


“HOW does a PT practice make more money when it’s tied to insurance, and they continue to decrease our reimbursements and limit our care?”


And without breaking stride, he responds with: “Locate all the places where you’re losing patients and income, and get those holes patched up.”


And in that moment, I know what I need to do.


I take a long hard look at our practice operations and I find that a majority of our losses circle back to our front desk.


And here’s what I found:


When a potential new patient calls and has questions, she openly answers them before collecting essential information and getting them scheduled for their eval. And those patients drop off the call without scheduling.


She says things like: “What days work for you?” and “Would you like to pay today?”


When patients call to cancel, she says, “ok” and then asks them if they’d like to reschedule…or she threatens a fee but backs down when they challenge her.

Our front desk isn’t covered all the hours we’re open, so someone else (who isn’t trained) is either doing her tasks or they’re left undone.


Our therapists are walking up front and telling her “don’t put someone in that spot, I have notes to write…” and she’s listening to them.


While scheduling out the plan of care, before they’re fully scheduled, she asks them if they’d like to continue or if that’s good for now...


When explaining the patient’s benefits, she sounds worried and unsure of herself as she explains what their costs would be.


When patients aren’t scheduled for their full POC for the week, she isn’t using the call list and contacting them regularly to get them in.


And my favorite, when a patient says, ‘I forgot my wallet’, she says “ok, we can get it next time”.




In each of these cases, we’re losing patient visits and income.


But I know that every one of these can be fixed with training and systems.


So, I sit down and create training and systems that handle all of these problems and more.


And within a few months our practice sees more patients and that leads to more revenue.


Added to that, our front office staff are happy and thriving because they know how to handle common (and not-so-common) problems on their own.


Within a few years other practice owners and managers begin asking for my help solving these same issues. And using my systems and training, their staff are winning and their revenue increases.


And that’s exactly how I become known as The Front Office GURU.


Now, I help private practice owners consistently increase revenue by giving their front desk team the tools they need to MORE patients to schedule and arrive for care.


By elevating their front desk operations, less patients cancel, no-show and drop out of care. 




You too can give your front desk the gift of training and a system they can follow – one that helps MORE patients get the care they need and deserve.


That in turn will give you what you need to be happy and thriving as well.


Because you won’t have to tell someone what to do, you’ll be able to check in and see how they’re doing and have clear discussions about how they’re going to handle a situation.


My academy gives you and your front desk exactly what you need to get more patients to consistently schedule and arrive for care.


And it’s timeless – meaning these techniques will last for the life of your practice.




What's one additional new patient per week worth to your practice? (about $52,000 per year)


What if patients stop cancelling on the day of their appointment and instead, kindly give your required notice? (that’s invaluable)


What if you don’t have to worry about one bad day because your team has the tools they need to handle it, so tomorrow isn’t like today? (that’s priceless)


Investing in this training is an investment in your practice’s future.


For less than $3/ day, you’ll have what you need to train your front desk over and over and over again.


And you’ll have a proven system to follow to handle all of those issues above.


Stop waiting for something to change or for the right 'team'. Get started today and create your change! 

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“Since we’ve started using Dee’s Front Office GURU training, we have had an easier time getting our patients to commit to their physical therapy and showing up for all of their scheduled appointments. Front Office GURU is the simplest thing to implement with any front desk employees.

“It’s simply a matter of your wording and enthusiasm when talking to patients to get them to not cancel their appointments and we’ve learned this with the Front Office GURU training. Oh, and we had 100% arrivals THREE days in a row this week!!”

Betsy Oblak, Front Office Manager, Teton Therapy, Wyoming

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