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Transform Your Practice Starting At Your Front Desk

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Front Office Training for EVERY Private Practice!

I've spent years mastering the scripts and processes for front desk success, so YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

My all-inclusive training package gives you exactly what your team needs to handle even the most difficult patients so they schedule and arrive for care. 

Physiotherapy Clinic

Here's what's included with your team membership:

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100+ Video Lessons

Short lessons that cover what to do, how to do it, + why it's essential.


Printable Workbooks

With valuable learning tools, scripts, and implementation instructions.


Exact Scripts + Audio Demos

Hear the presentation and tone of voice in essential patient interactions.


Weekly Motivational Emails

Additional learning and motivation for owners, managers, + team members.


Additional Learning Libraries

Exclusive libraries covering additional training and content for ALL members.


Ask-Anything Office Hours

Join Dee during office hours and get your questions answered.

  • You will have enough seats for the team leader plus 5 team members
  • Special Pricing for larger teams - schedule a call
  • Assign a manager who can run the show
  • Monitor team member's progress from your account
  • NEVER purchase extra seats because of turnover
       (If someone leaves, revoke their access and add your new hire to that seat)​

Sign up for my yearly access + receive these extra special bonuses:

1. My FRONT OFFICE Hiring Workbook (learn simple tips to hiring the best for your team!

2. A FREE Coaching Call (a 55-min one-on-one session with Dee)

A complete system of front desk training ANY time you need it!

$997 per year

Pricing includes one year of team access to everything listed above. 

Includes seats for the owner /team leader plus 5 team members**.

**If you have a large team and need more seats, schedule a call and we can discuss your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training best for?

This training helps private practices using a recurring treatment model: PT, OT, ST, chiropractors, + more.

What is included with the Premium Access Subscription?

video lessons, workbooks, scripts w/ audio demos, special libraries, office hours, + learning emails

What if I have more than 3 team members?

Contact me or schedule a strategy session. I offer special pricing for larget teams.

How do I know where to start?

You can follow along a set path or choose a common problem you want to solve first, and start there.

How can I get the most out of this program?

Create a training schedule for your team and set aside at least 30min to 1 hour per week per team member.

What if someone leaves?

If someone leaves, you simply revoke their access and add your new hire in their place.

Can I view my team’s progress?

Yes! Team leaders and assigned managers can view staff progress + check workbooks for completed questions as well.

Will I have to do a lot of work?

You get out of this program what you put into it. Give your team the tools they need for success and you'll all win!

If you're ready to take action, but unsure where to start,
Schedule a Strategy Session with me today + we'll map out your plan together.

My Journey from Physical Therapist to Front Office GURU

As a physical therapist for almost 20 years, I loved helping people. And while I was great at it, something was always missing.


When I took over the front office of my husband's private practice, I realized that not only did I love helping people, I was able to take my experience and create front office training and a system of patient management that completely transformed his practice!

Soon, other practice owners were coming to me for help with their front desk training. And I became known as the "Front Office GURU". 

Since 2016 I've been sharing my training and system of patient management with practice across the globe and have helped practice owners and managers like you achieve similar results. 

Not only do I have the opportunity to help practices increase revenue, I've also been able to help great staff find a higher purpose!


Read what other practices have to say...

“Dee Bills, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart
for your front desk system.
The best onboarding program for the front desk, at an affordable cost."

Eric Gibbs, PT

Owner of Med Center Therapy

Don't wait. every day that you wait,
you're losing patients and revenue.

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