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Your Patient Journey Starts HERE
Give Your Front Desk Team the Tools They Need to Lead the Way...

You Can Transform Your Practice By Empowering Your Front Desk

Common Front Desk Problems
that drastically reduce your practice's profitability

Your front desk is the heartbeat of your practice, and when they struggle to manage patients you lose revenue.

As a PT private practice owner or manager, these common front desk problems drastically reduce profitability:

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Unscheduled Referrals

A stack of unscheduled referrals + new patient leads who go unscheduled; causing lost visits + revenue.


Same-day Cancellations

A high rate of last-minute cancellations and no-shows leads to gaps in the schedule and lost revenue.

schedule problems.png

Lack of Schedule Control

A lack of control over your schedule, leaving you at the mercy of unforeseen disruptions and inefficiencies.


Not Collecting At Visits

Patients become confused and upset over the cost of care, causing frustration + patient drop-offs.

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Inconsistent Messaging

Front desk staff providing inconsistent messaging, creating patient confusion and upset regarding their care.


A high rate of dropouts

Patients who were once committed now go missing, reducing long-term value and your practice's reputation.

Take the first step in practice SUCCESS


Your PATH to Front Desk Success

At Front Office GURU, we understand the unique challenges facing PT private practices and the toll they take on your business. But we believe that for every problem, there's a powerful solution. We ARE that solution.

Efficient New Patient Scheduling:

Learn the strategies to convert new patient leads into scheduled appointments, eliminating missed opportunities and filling your calendar with revenue-generating visits.

Effective Referral Management:

Our proven methods will ensure you never overlook another referral, nurturing valuable relationships, and increasing patient acquisition.

Increase Collections

Equip your team with tools to confidently explain the cost-of-care and collect payments at the time of the visit, and improve your practice's financial stability.

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No More Cancel No-Shows: 

Put an end to the no-show epidemic with our tactics for reducing last-minute cancellations, optimizing your schedule, and minimizing revenue loss.

Master Schedule Control:

Improve your skills + take control of the schedule, by getting patients to maintain their weekly POC while improving practice efficiency and minimizing disruptions.

Patient Retention and Satisfaction:

Our strategies will empower you to re-engage missing or disengaged patients, enhancing patient lifetime value and building a loyal patient base.

Start your front desk transformation TODAY

It's time to EMPOWER your team!!
And our 
Premium Training has everything you need.

Discover a world of possibilities and unlock your practice's full potential with our PREMIUM training package. At Front Office GURU, we're dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by PT private practices. Our all-inclusive package equips you with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to revolutionize your front desk management and supercharge your practice.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Here's what's included with your team membership:

100 video lessons.png

100+ Video Lessons

Dive into an extensive library of video lessons, masterfully crafted to tackle the specific challenges faced by front desk teams in PT private practices.


Printable Workbooks

Reinforce your learning with downloadable workbooks that feature application questions, ensuring your team comprehends and can put their knowledge into practice.


Exact Scripts + Audio Demos

Access to our scripts + audio demos and give your front desk the tools they need to gain confidence and take much needed control of patient interactions.


Weekly Motivational Emails

Stay ahead of the curve with our weekly emails, delivering valuable insights and motivation to keep you and your team inspired and informed.


Exclusive Libraries

Our exclusive libraries provide additional training tips for you and your team. There's one for the whole team, and another that has special content for owners and managers.


Ask-Anything Office Hours

Join us in our monthly live Q&A sessions, where we address your specific questions and challenges, providing real-time solutions and support.

Additional features include:
  • Pricing includes seats for team leader plus 3 staff
  • Purchase additional seats inside your account as needed
  • Assign a seat to a manager who can run the show
  • Monitor team member's progress
  • If someone leaves, remove their access and add your new hire to that seat
  • Become an affiliate and earn rewards when you refer others using your personal link

A complete system of front desk training ANY time you need it!

Select the Option That Works Best for You!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training best for?

This training was originally created for physical therapy practices but is used in many specialties that have recurring visits like: occupational therapy, multidisciplinary therapies, chiropractors, OBGYN, Breathing Centers, and much more.

What is included with the Premium Access Subscription?

The following is included with your subscription: seats for the practice owner and up to 3 staff (with the option to add more staff seats for a small one-time fee), video lessons, learning workbooks, scripts and audio demos, owner + manager library, and team member library, monthly 'ask-anything' office hours for owners and managers, and another for team members, weekly motivational / educational emails for your entire team.

What if I have more than 3 team members?

You can purchaseadditional seats inside the team leader's account. If your practice needs access for more than 8 staff, complete the contact us form for pricing.

How do I know where to start?

This program follows the path that a patient takes through care. You can choose to follow along as I've laid it out, or you can focus on the area where you're having the most problems and then go back to the beginning.

How can I get the most out of this program?

To get the most out of this program, I recommend that the first time through the program, you participate in the training with your team. We've found it's best practice to provide your staff with a designated time and day to study each week while they're in the clinic. Your initial time investment should be no less than 1 hour per week per team member. Then once you've learned and applied the techniques, many practices say they put new hires through the entire training in the first two weeks to get them up to speed.

What if someone leaves?

The good news is that we don't punish you for turnover. If someone leaves, you simply remove their access and add your new hire.

Can I view my team’s progress?

Yes! The team leader and assigned managers can view staff progress, add, and remove staff on the 'My Team' tab inside your account. And since we provide workbooks with application questions for each module, you can also view their answers to assess their understanding.

Will I have to do a lot of work?

Your time investment includes: watching the video lessons and answering the application questions, setting up time to practice the scripts with your staff so they're successful in using them. I've provided written implementation instructions and all the files you need to implement right away. Study. Learn. Practice. Implement.

If you're ready to take action, but unsure where to start,
Schedule a Strategy Session with me today + we'll map out your plan together.

My Journey from Physical Therapist to Front Office GURU

As a physical therapist for almost 20 years, I loved helping people. And while I was great at it, something was always missing.


When I took over the front office of my husband's private practice, I realized that not only did I love helping people, I was able to take my experience and create front office training and a system of patient management that completely transformed his practice!

Soon, other practice owners were coming to me for help with their front desk training. And I became known as the "Front Office GURU". 

Since 2016 I've been sharing my training and system of patient management with practice across the globe and have helped practice owners and managers like you achieve similar results. 

Not only do I have the opportunity to help practices increase revenue, I've also been able to help great staff find a higher purpose!

Don't wait. every day that you wait,
you're losing patients and revenue.


Read what other practices have to say...

“Dee Bills, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart
for your front desk system.
The best onboarding program for the front desk, at an affordable cost."

Eric Gibbs, PT

Owner of Med Center Therapy

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