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Dee Bills @ Front Office GURU

Get MORE patients to consistently schedule AND arrive for care!

I help you and your team take control of your schedule!

Read what Heather has to say...

The training I've acquired so far from working through the Front Desk Guru program has given me so much confidence and satisfaction in my career. , I feel like I'm actually caring for our patients and getting them the help they're reaching out for by getting them scheduled and arriving for physical therapy. - Heather H, Hope PT, Texas

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Cancellations Checklist | Front Office GURU

Watch as Delaine shares her SUCCESS with the training

+ how her front office staff took control + increased their arrival rate to greater than 95%!!!

Front Office GURU Success

Dr. Delaine Fowler, PT, DPT
Owner of Accelerate Therapy and Performance

You'll have the tools you need to help your front desk to MASTER SCHEDULE CONTROL and

  • Prevent Same-Day Cancels and No-Shows

  • Schedule More New Patients on the 1st Phone Call

  • Discuss the Cost of Care + Collect What's Due

  • Consistently Schedule MORE Patients

  • And More!

Dee Bills, Front Office GURU

"Training your front office team doesn’t have to be difficult! When provided with consistent training, a front desk team will see themselves in a whole new light.

They’ll be confident in their position, certain about their skills, and their ability to manage patients will reach new heights! And even more, your patients will notice and appreciate it!" 

See what my clients have to say...


Amada Tigar 
Office Manager
M3PT, California

 "Our office used to have a ton of same-day cancellations.


Our patients are not walking all over us anymore and

we might have 1 same-day cancellation or no show a week


You will see results in as little as one session! Thank you Dee for everything you have done for M3!"


Maureen Madden , PT
PT Practice Owner
PT Pro, Washington

"Our work with Dee has been fantastic!


The changes we made because of Dee's training, pre-pandemic, were a large reason why we were able to survive those few lean months in 2021.


Dee's training in an excellent investment in your team and a fantastic ROI!"


Betsy Oblak
Front Office Manager
Teton Therapy, Wyoming

“We have had an easier time getting our patients to schedule and arrive for all of their scheduled appointments.


Dee's Cancellation Prevention Program is easy to implement with front desk employees.

Using this program, we had 100% arrivals THREE days in a row this week!!


Michelle Friedman, DPT 
PT Practice Owner
Atlantic PT, Pennsylvania

"I highly recommend working with Dee. Her program is extremely thorough and easy to understand.


Within a few weeks, our arrival rate went from 75% to 95%.


I can't recommend Dee's program enough."


Kimberly Shelly
Director of Administration
Teton Therapy, Wyoming

"This training is amazing! 


Even before we completed the training we saw a consistent increase in our arrival rate.


With every new action implemented we saw increases.


The program paid for itself !"


Karen Pettine, DPT
Co- owner

ABQ Scoliosis and Spine Therapy, AX

“Dee, Just wanted to send you a quick thank you. We are really finding value in your materials, and it is helping!


We had a 91% arrival rate today and before your course we were in the high 70’s to low 80’s range.


We appreciate you!”

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