My purpose is to build

 Patient Care Coordinators

who manage your patients and handle objections like pros

Coming in May 2020

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Affordable front office training

  • Online - access 24 hours a day

  • Scripts

  • Practice Drills

  • Demonstrations,

  • Group atmosphere

  • and much more! 

Why train your

front office team?


Do you have a high rate of patient drop-offs (more than 20%)?

Arrival Rate

Do you have a high rate of same-day cancellations and no-shows?

Lead conversions

Spending money marketing without the return you're hoping for?


Are you struggling to fill your schedule?

Which of the following is causing you the most problems?

I offer private training and coaching for YOUR practice!

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What my clients have to say...

Dr. Michelle Friedman, Owner

Atlantic Physical Therapy, Philadelphia, PA

Within a few weeks, our arrival rate went from 75% to 95%.

"I highly recommend working with Dee. Her program is extremely thorough and easy to understand. Within a few weeks, our arrival rate went from 75% to 95%. She was always available to answer questions, even on the weekends. Her advise was always personalized and thoughtful. All of our sessions were recorded so we can continue to train front desk and clinical staff in the future. She gives out an abundance of materials so that you can always go back to read lessons and train new staff. I can't recommend her highly enough." - Dr. Michelle Friedman, PT


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