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Front Office Course

YOU can make one POWERFUL change to revolutionize how your front desk manages patient care.

Are YOU ready to TRANSFORM YOUR FRONT DESK with training?

FREE Download: The 5 Things You Need To Build a Highly Effective Team

How I became known as the 'Front Office GURU'

As a physical therapist for almost 20 years, I loved helping people. And while I was great at it, something was always missing.   When I took over the front office of my husband's private practice, I realized that not only did I love helping people, I was able to take my experience and create front office training and a system of patient management that completely transformed his practice! ​ Soon, other practice owners were coming to me for help with their front desk training. And I became known as the "Front Office GURU".  ​ Since 2016 I've been sharing my training and system of patient management with practice across the globe and have helped them have similar results.  ​ Not only do I have the opportunity to help practices improve patient care and increase revenue, but I've also been able to help great staff find a higher purpose and fulfillment in their positions!

Your front desk staff can achieve unparalleled SUCCESS!. 

Are you struggling with any of the following?
If so, your practice is bleeding profits (and patients)

Your front desk is the heartbeat of your practice, and when they struggle to manage patients you lose revenue.

As a PT private practice owner or manager, these common front desk problems drastically reduce profitability:

stack of referrals.png

Unscheduled Referrals

A stack of unscheduled referrals + new patient leads  who go unscheduled; causing lost visits + revenue.

poor comm.png

Inconsistent Messaging

Front desk staff providing inconsistent messaging, creating patient confusion and upset regarding their care.


Same-day Cancellations

A high rate of last-minute cancellations and no-shows leads to gaps in the schedule and lost revenue.

schedule problems.png

Lack of Schedule Control

A lack of control over your schedule, leaving you at the mercy of unforeseen disruptions and inefficiencies.


Not Collecting At Visit

Patients confused and upset over the cost of care, causing frustration + patient drop-off.


A high rate of dropouts

Patients who were once committed now go missing, reducing long-term value and your practice's reputation.

If you're ready to take action, but unsure where to start,
Schedule a Strategy Session + we'll map out your plan together.

Read Testimonials from Practices Like Yours


Amada Tigar

 Office Manager for M3PT,  California

"Our patients are not walking all over us anymore

and we might have 1 same-day cancellation or no show a week. 


You will see results in as little as one session!

Thank you Dee for everything you have done for M3!"

Dr. Delaine Fowler shares her SUCCESS with my training

Watch the video to learn how her front office staff took control + increased their arrival rate to greater than 95%!!!

Front Office GURU Success

Dr. Delaine Fowler, PT, DPT
Owner of Accelerate Therapy and Performance

Don't wait to make these changes. Waiting is costing you...

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