Training the front desk teams of private practices.

I help your front desk team master patient management, stop same-day cancellations, convert more leads to scheduled evaluations and so much more. 


"Our ROI was immediate! Front Office GURU training increased our revenue by $30,000 just by stopping same-day cancellations!" - Bryan K, practice owner

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Do you have a high rate of same-day cancellations and no-shows?

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What my clients have to say


Raul Lona, DPT
PT Practice Owner
M3PT, California

"Front Office Guru has been transformative for the administrative side of our business.

Dee provides clear and easy to implement training for front and back office personnel that frankly pays for itself. Due to the success we've had, we elected to continue to the advanced program after finishing the basic program. Dee's experience as a physical therapist combined with the content of the program makes Front Office Guru a must for all clinics looking to grow or improve their administrative processes. Thank you Dee!"


Maureen Madden , PT
PT Practice Owner
PT Pro, Washington

 "Our work with Dee has been fantastic!


I am certain that the work we started and the changes we made because of Dee's training, pre-pandemic, were a large reason why we were able to survive those few lean months in 2021.


Her training helped me as an owner clarify in my mind our mission and our need for much improved processes in order to successfully help more people. Dee's training in an excellent investment in your team and a fantastic ROI!" 


Frank Garza, DPT
PT Practice Owner
PURE PT + Pilates, Texas

"Only 5 weeks in and have seen a tremendous improvement in how our front desk handles objections and convert new leads to evals!


The way the course is delivered is very consumable and her passion and energy are contagious as well. We are so happy we made the leap and currently looking to hire more staff as we are anticipating getting busier as there will not be as many people dropping off or not scheduled after we are done with her program.


Highly recommend!"


Michelle Friedman, DPT 
PT Practice Owner
Atlantic PT, Pennsylvania

"I highly recommend working with Dee. Her program is extremely thorough and easy to understand. Within a few weeks, our arrival rate went from 75% to 95%. She was always available to answer questions, even on the weekends. Her advise was always personalized and thoughtful. All of our sessions were recorded so we can continue to train front desk and clinical staff in the future. She gives out an abundance of materials so that you can always go back to read lessons and train new staff. I can't recommend her highly enough."


Mike Braden 
PT Practice Owner
Anchor PT, Colorado

"The Front Office Guru gave us the practical knowledge and training to get our patient arrival numbers up to and exceptional level and our cancellation rate down below our expectations.


The valuable insight and experience Dee Bills brings are a true game changer. If you're struggling with same day cancels and a low arrival rate, you need to check out this program!


Couldn't be happier that we made the investment in the Front Office Guru!"


Amada Tigar 
Office Manager
M3PT, California

 "Before working with Dee our office would have a ton of cancellations and patient's did not care to give us enough to let us know with plenty of time to fill the spot. Now we have 1 same day cancellation or no show a week maybe. Out patients are not walking all over us and our front desk is able to handle anything that comes their way!


The beginner GURU program is a life saver for any clinic and owners will see results in as little as one session! Thank you Dee for everything you have done for M3!"


Maria Tawadros, PT
PT Practice Owner
Radiant PT, Canada

"I highly recommend this training course.


Dee is great and very easy to work with. This training has helped prepare our staff to handle issues they were dealing with daily.


Dee was very helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. If you are a clinic owner you need this training."


Betsy Oblak
Front Office Manager
Teton Therapy, Wyoming

"Dee is the best! I would highly recommend!!


I didn’t realize how much we were missing at our front desk and how inefficient we were along with the lost patients and revenue we were having!

It was so easy to understand and implement it with our front desk employees and we are seeing amazing results with it!"


TJ Sanner
PT Practice Owner
Atlas PT, Maryland

"Front Office Guru is awesome!


We are only 2 weeks into the program and I can already see the lights turning on for the staff. For once it is nice for instruction to not have to come from me. As a business owner I recommend this to any company that someone other than yourself is the first point of contact for your business.


Great program!!!"


Kimberly Shelly
Director of Administration
Teton Therapy, Wyoming

"This training is amazing! Dee takes the time to really work with your team and solve the problems that are occurring. The material she teaches really works.


Even before we completed the training we saw a consistent increase in our arrival rate. With every new action implemented we saw increases. So happy with the results that we have seen with this training. The program will pay for itself through reduction of lost business. You won’t be disappointed with this training!!!"


Ashtyn Haynes
Haynes PT, Texas

"Our experience with Dee and Front Office Guru was amazing!


Dee really helped us implement front office procedures that work to increase staff efficiency and patient attendance!


We now have a better idea how to train new staff and our current staff is better equipped to handle our patients and make sure our schedule stays full.


10/10 would recommend!"


Crystal Henry, OTRL
Private  Practice co-Owner
Ozark PT Specialists, Arkansas

"Dee is amazing!! She not only educates owners, but equips office staff for success and empowers them to take control of situations that can be problematic, such as cancellations, demanding clients, and billing issues.


She helps to bring organization to chaos, and implements systems that are sure to not only help your clinic run smoother, but have a huge impact on the bottom line. We have been so pleased and are so thankful for her help!!


Thank you Dee!!"

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