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Why Patients Don't Reschedule

Have you ever heard your PCC ask a patient, "Would you like to reschedule?"

If you’ve ever heard that, then you also know what usually happens next…

The patient says, "No, I have an appointment later this week, so I’m good."

OR that might be a patient who isn’t scheduled for any further visits. And they say, “I’ll call you back…”

Teach your PCC why patients don't reschedule to prevent this...

In both cases, your PCC didn’t get them rescheduled.

Now, there’s a hole in your schedule your PCC needs to fill. AND that patient isn’t coming in for their prescribed visits.

Keep reading to Learn MORE about how you can successfully train your front desk

Not only does the practice have lost visits, but the patient isn’t getting the care they need and deserve.

And if it’s a same-day cancel, there’s a lot more work that has to be done to TRY to fill that spot. Plus, your PCC wasn't able to prevent same day cancels.

Filling that spot last minute often doesn’t happen. You're left with an empty slot, which means you've also lost revenue.

This isn’t an efficient way to manage the schedule and patient care. In fact, it creates more work for your staff, which leads to burnout.

And it also costs the practice more money because your staff isn't efficient, and when patients aren’t arriving for their POC, you have to spend more on marketing and promotions to get more patients.

Are you frustrated yet?

If so, I understand how you feel because I felt the same way when it happened to us.

Learn why patients don't reschedule and stop it from happening

But, I found that with the right training, my front office team was able to PREVENT same-day cancels.

And there were fewer patients to worry about rescheduling. My team learned why patients don't reschedule, and more importantly, my staff learned how to prevent this from happening.

This is one way I built a highly effective and efficient front office team.

And the more efficient they became, the less staff we needed on the front end. And the front team we had understood why patients don't reschedule and knew how to prevent this.

Which saved us tens of thousands of dollars per year.

And because I've done the hard part for you, you can achieve similar results!


With The Front Office GURU Training Academy®, you can have the tools you need to provide consistent training to your front desk.

When you provide consistent training, your team is more successful and success in their position helps to decrease turnover.

Here are just a few of the essential topics we cover in this program:

  • How to have the right mindset when speaking with patients.

  • How to get more new patients to schedule and arrive for their evaluation appt

  • How to talk about the cost of care and handle patient worries about costs

  • How to PREVENT cancels and no-shows (and also how to handle someone to keep it from happening again)

  • How to fill your schedule and keep it full

Watch this video to learn more about my academy:


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