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Want MORE new patients scheduled + arriving?

What if the return on your investment FAR outweighed the cost of the program?

What if MORE new patients not only scheduled but also arrived for care?

And what if your front desk could reduce same-day cancels and no-shows?

In the new patient phase of my front office academy, your front desk will learn how to convert MORE calls to scheduled and arriving new patients. How, you might ask?

During their training I’ll show them how to quickly and effectively take control of the initial call, get the patient communicating key information that helps to develop their trust and build a relationship with your practice.

This is KEY to your team's success because it establishes a connection right away, before the new patient has even come in for care.

Front Desk Receptionist checking in a patient

When someone feels a connection to a business, in this case your practice, they’re more likely to commit to care. When someone is committed they’ll be more likely to:

  • schedule out a plan of care

  • call ahead for appointment changes

  • reschedule appointments

  • remain compliant to their plan of care

  • and pay what’s due at the time of service

Your practice is in the business of helping people, and when a potential patient feels like they’re being heard the moment on that initial call, it increases their connection. And by establishing a connection right away, it also increases their commitment to their own care.

You may have never considered purchasing training for your front desk, but consider this:

What if your front desk got even one additional new patient to schedule and arrive each week?

And what if they could get MORE patients scheduled and arriving for care?

How could that affect your overall revenue?

Now imagine having this training to use over and over again. And how you can work through it as a team, piece by piece implementing successful systems at your front desk.

And each time your team takes one more step toward successful patient management, your schedule control improves.

Full schedule control means more patients who consistently arrive for care. That alone can increase the practice’s financial success.

You deserve that, and so do your patients.

I’m here to help you to help your front desk be successful at helping MORE patients get the care they need and deserve!

It’s time to help them take control of the schedule once and for all. And the right training will help you do it.

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