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Want better schedule control all year round?

To run a financially successful private you need excellent schedule control.

Here are two things your front desk staff need to stop doing if you want better schedule control all year round:

(1.) Stop asking: “what days work for you?” (OR “what’s a good time for you?”)


(2.) Stop asking: “would you like to reschedule?”

Both of these questions give the patient control of when they'll come in. And once they have control, they’ll be harder to get scheduled moving forward.

Want to know what you should say instead? (Keep reading...)

Schedule control is negatively affected by all of the following:

  • new patients who no-show or cancel the day of their appointment

  • new patients who don't schedule out their full plan of care

  • current patients who provide late notice for cancels

  • and those pesky no-shows

  • patients who aren't scheduled for their full plan of care each week

  • patients who don't reschedule appointments the same week

  • a higher than expected number of discharges

  • as well as MIAs, patient dropouts

Each of these things can be controlled, and when they are, you'll have less stress and frustration.

Since 2016 I've been helping practice owners and managers (and their front office teams) to improve schedule control so they're helping more patients get the care they need, and improving their financial security while doing it.

Now, here's what your front desk should be saying to manage these common patient issues:

Instead of asking “what days work for you?” (OR “what’s a good time for you?”), they should say: "I have [time A] or [time B], which works best?"

And to get a patient rescheduled, instead of asking "would you like to reschedule?", they should instead say: "Let's get you rescheduled. I have [day], at [time A] or [time B], which works best?"

This is just one small step toward schedule control success and a tiny piece of what your front desk team would learn in my program.

Don't wait for the perfect team member to come along, train them to win starting today!

Schedule a call and we'll define your #1 goal, identify the challenges that are preventing you from achieving your goal, and then we'll discuss how you can use the academy to achieve your goal and become masters of schedule control.

Let's do this!


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