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Building Team Accountability

Holding your employees accountable provides your practice with direction and stability. Without accountability you will not have don't get the gains you need and want as you work to expand your practice.

Not having accountability for every team member is like setting the sails on the sail boat and having to mapped out direction.

It leaves you adrift, out of control, & heading away from where you want to go.

If you want your team to produce, you have to hold them accountable for production which means they need to be instructed right from the start on what they’re each accountable for. A highly trained team will not produce to the level of your expectations without set targets to achieve.

Without having some measure of accountability, it becomes impossible to evaluate how well an employee is producing and whether you're getting the most out of them. And expecting them to be accountable without providing them with a way to measure how they’re doing is setting them up for potential failure and could result in some pretty strong dissatisfaction on your part as the owner / manager.

The best way to establish accountability in a practice is to have set stats or metrics that each employee is responsible for. This gives you a measurement of how well they’re producing and when they’re producing, how well they’re achieving their product. Just like the practice has set stats it should be measuring; each employee should also have their own stat to measure.

Once they know what they need to produce, the next step is defining their job expectations. These expectations become the catalyst for an instruction manual of what to do, how to do it, and how to be successful; and this establishes certainty and control in a position. And as they are trained in their position, their stats are a measurement of how well an employee is producing.

Without specified expectations of their position and stats to measure you’ll be left with employees who:

  • Have no certainty of their position

  • Make more mistakes which cost patients and valuable work time

  • Have difficulty accurately identifying and achieving their product

  • Strongly misunderstand what they should be doing at any given moment during their day

  • Come up with their own duties - they'll prioritize the wrong actions

Building accountability is one of the most successful actions you can take as an owner / manager of the practice. If you don’t hold your employees accountable, you end up working to pay someone else’s salary...

Are you ready to build your team's accountability but need some help with where to start and the ideal direction to take? I offer a FREE Discovery Call with owners to learn more about your practice and discuss how I can help.

Wishing you the best, today and always!



I started Front Office GURU with a single goal in mind and that’s to help private practices thrive. Your front office plays an integral role in your success and yet, most practices don’t have set training and systems to ensure that everyone in the front office manages patients the same way.

Don’t wait until the perfect time to get started because there will never be that perfect time, that perfect staff.

As a practice owner, former manager, and the Front Office GURU, I understand the difficulties you face because I've been there. And my programs provide the solution.

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