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Front Desk Metrics

Download Your Worksheets

Or if you'd rather download one at a time, you can scroll down and use each separate download button. 

Single Worksheet Downloads

New Patient Call Worksheet

You will use this worksheet to track potential new patient calls converted to scheduled evaluations. 

Front Desk Tracking Sheets

In this spreadsheet I've added all the worksheets you need to track patients and front desk metrics.

Instructions for Arrival Rate Tracker

This PDF explains how to use the Arrival Rate Tracker in the Front Desk Tracking Sheets above.

Instructions for New Patient Trackers

This PDF explains how to use the New Patient Tracker in the Front Desk Tracking Sheets above. 

Missed Visits - Lost Income

You can use this worksheet to calculate lost revenue from the past 6 weeks cancels and no-shows. It's a great tool to use with your staff to show them the impact of same-day cancels and no-shows. 

Front Desk Weekly Graphs

I've put 4 graphs on one form for you to use. This should be hung at the front desk and your team should track their daily numbers on these graphs. 

Practice Activity Worksheet

On this worksheet I've shared some actions you can do with your team. They'll help you determine what's needed and wanted, and what your team understands up to this point.  


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