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Managing Front Desk Production

As a physical therapist for almost 20 years, I loved helping people. And while I was great at it, something was always missing.


When I took over the front office of my husband's private practice, I realized that not only did I love helping people, I was able to take my experience and create front office training and a system of patient management that completely transformed his practice!

Soon, other practice owners were coming to me for help with their front desk training. And I became known as the "Front Office GURU". 

Since 2016 I've been sharing my training and system of patient management with practice across the globe and have helped them have similar results. 

Not only do I have the opportunity to help practices increase revenue, I've also been able to help great staff find a higher purpose! Let's get you started with this FREE metrics training. I recommend you watch them in order. 


This current training is for practice owners and managers. I recently held this talk at the Florida Physical Therapy Conference and decided to put this out there for everyone to use.


Watch my welcome video to get started. 


In this video I'll discuss the importance of having and knowing your purpose. And I'll share why your entire team needs to have a shared purpose to achieve success as a practice.

Knowing Your Product

In this video you'll learn why people suffer from job dissatisfaction and overwhelm in a position. And how knowing your product will give you more certainty. 

Tracking + Measuring Production

I'll share the importance of tracking and measuring production and how that helps a team have better accountability and take responsibility for their own success. 

Give your front desk the tools they need for success

Measuring Conversions

Every potential patient needs care. And it's the front desk's job to convert those new patient calls to scheduled evaluations. 

Measuring CLEAN Arrival Rate

Arrival rate is one metric that causes upset and frustration when it's down. It's often confused with another metrics so we're going to clear things up in this video.

Measuring Visits Kept Per Week

Visits Kept Per Week represents a patients compliance to the plan of care. And it's needs close management because it has implications to a patient's ability to complete care. Watch this video to learn more.

Desert Highway

Prepare to take the next step on your journey. 

Schedule a Strategy Session.

Over the Counter Collections

In this short video I'll share more about daily over the counter collections. 

Measuring Schedule Utilization

This metric is essential but it relies on many different things. And in this video I'll show you all the things that affect your schedule.

Tracking and Measuring Products

In this video we'll cover the best ways to track and measure products and I'll share best practices with you.

The Importance of Training

In this final video we'll discuss the importance of training and how the metrics show you and your team what you need to do to increase production.

Concierge Desk

Now that you know how to track and measure front desk production, it's time to get your front office team trained to effectively manage patient care

Click the button below and take the first step towards transforming your your front desk.

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