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5-DAY CHALLENGE with Dee from Front Office GURU

Day 5 - Using an Unscheduled List

Welcome to the final day of your 5-day challenge! 


At this point you have 3 powerful scripts in use when managing your patients!

Today’s lesson is about managing your unscheduled patients (those patients who aren’t scheduled for their weekly plan of care).

I also have a special download for you, and I’ve shared one more script for you

This one will help you to increase your same-day cancels and no-shows…

Before you begin the video lesson, download your worksheet so you can use it while watching the lesson. You'll also use it to complete your practice activity once you've finished watching the video.

And don't forget to message me when you complete the challenge! 

Do you have questions? Want to share your success?

Send me a message!

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