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Virtual front office training by 

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When provided with consistent training, a front desk team will see themselves in a whole new light. They'll be confident in their position, certain about their skills, and their ability to manage patients will reach new heights! And even more, your patients will notice and appreciate it!

Since 2011, my focus has been on improving patient management at the front desk of private practices. I've created proven systems to help your front desk prevent same-day cancellations and no-shows, master schedule control and efficiency, schedule more new patients on the 1st phone call, and handle the cost of care discussion.

Your front office team will learn
 to expertly build long-lasting and effective relationships with patients from the initial call through the completed plan of care.

And, I've made even easier to train your front office team!
With The Front Office GURU Training Academy, you can offer patient management training to your front desk team and ensure everyone wins along the way!

What are some of the features of my virtual academy?

  • Virtual Front Desk Training online - anytime

    • Access your personal account online 24/7

    • Access for you plus two staff; if you need more, just message me for group rates

    • If someone leaves, just remove their access and add your new hire

    • And single seats as you expand

    • You and your team can study at your own pace and while there's a path to follow, you also have the option to choose one specific area of focus based on the issue that causing you the most problems right now​.

  • Your team will have what it takes to: communicate effectively and maintain control of any situation, convert more calls to scheduled and arriving evaluations, stop same-day cancellations, handle cost of care discussions like a pro, and fill your schedule with ease!

  • This training platform offers you:

  • Over 100 lessons taught by Dee Bills, Front Office GURU

  • At each level of their training they'll have Workbooks that include:

    • Practical Questions - as they learn, they'll answer practical questions in their course workbook, to ensure understanding and success with application.
    • Scripts - they'll learn how to get results using proven scripts
    • Additional resources to use, including tips and implementation instructions

  • Also included:

    • Digital Files - you won't have to recreate the wheel, I give you the actual files so you can implement quickly and effectively!

    • Audio demos - understanding context of scripting makes all the difference. That's why I created special audio demos so your team can listen to the me in-action and master scripts as they go!

​You can train your team and implement successful patient management systems once and for all!​


**This program is most appropriate for PT, OT, ST, multi-disciplinary and chiropractic practices; and those practices that have recurring appointment models. 

"The Academy delivers immediate RESULTS!


Our Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) team enjoys the training, is able demonstrate clear understanding of the material presented, AND easily implements right away! The best thing about this is that our patients are benefitting too.


Thank you, Dee!"

Cheryl Howard, DPT
Private  Practice Owner
Innovative Physical Therapy Solution, Watertown, NY

My Virtual Academy focuses on the key areas:

1 - How to speak to patients to get results


Your front office team will learn how to talk to patients to get results, and how to maintain control so patients are scheduled and arriving for the care they need and deserve.


I'll show them how to take control of situations and guide the patient to ensure they get the care they need and deserve; and why they need to manage objections at all times.  

2 - Master Schedule Control and Cancellation Prevention

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You and your team will learn how to take schedule control and cancellation prevention to a whole new level.

When the schedule is FULL and patients aren't cancelling last minute, your team becomes an efficient patient care machine, there's less stress, and happier patients. 
And your patients are more likely to complete their plan of care because they're arriving and getting results!

In this training we cover my complete Cancellation Prevention Program and your team will learn how to prevent same-day cancellations and no-shows like a pro. And they'll have what they need to effectively train their patients to show up as scheduled or give the required notice, reducing the likelihood they'll have to charge a missed visit fee. 

3 - Schedule MORE New Patients + Master the Cost-of-Care Discussion


All patients follow the same path through care; their treatment may be different, but their path is always the same.
New patients are the life-blood of every practice. How a potential new patient or returning patient is identified and handled on the initial call, sets the tone for their care, and determines whether they'll schedule or they won't.  

Your front office team will learn how to increase communication, build trust, and develop a relationship with your potential patient leads, right from the initial call. And they'll get them scheduled, arriving, and willing to pay what's due at the time of visit. 

And more new patients will schedule right from the first call. Then they'll ensure that those patients are arriving as scheduled for their evaluation so you have fewer empty eval spots. AND they'll learn to comfortably discuss the patient's cost-of-care to maintain patient trust and collect what's due at the time of visit.

Put your team in the driver's seat today

And, give yourself the gift of time by using a proven method for front desk training!

Click HERE to learn more and get started right away!


Jay Schultz, DPT
Private  Practice Owner
Schultz PT, Louisiana

"Dee's front desk online training program is exactly what we have been needing as an organization.  


The training is very structured, methodical, and organized.  


Dee has a great way to simplify and explain things to your front office personnel.  


Now our patient care coordinators and other front office personnel will deliver from a more consistent and standardized approach, which is nice on management and the bottom line."


Frank Cawley, PT
Private Practice Owner
Cawley PT + Rehab, Pennsylvania

"Dee is a master when it comes to the training and educating of your front desk team!!  


The training platform has given our team the advantage we need to control the conversations, get patients on the schedule, and win the cancellation/no show battle!!  


If you are looking for a system to get your patients on the schedule and in the door consistently, look no further than FYFD!!  


Thanks Dee!!"


Eric Gibbs, PT
Private  Practice Owner
Med Center Therapy Aquatic + PT, Texas

“Dee Bills, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your front desk system.


We all have onboarding that we do with our new employees and then we wonder why in a few weeks they leave. It is always been a lack of complete training.


I have had 2 new staff members this week, spend about 12 hours so far, and have said this is the best and most complete training they have ever had.


Thanks again for making the best onboarding program for the front desk, at an affordable cost.”

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