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The COMPLETE Course Lineup

I offer multiple options so you can find the best one for your practice and your team. For those who need someone to ensure they implement or for practices that need that one-on-one approach, you now have a choice. For those that need a more affordable option or who have someone to ensure the training is implemented, you also have several choices.

One-on-One Practice Training + Coaching Options

The Basic Patient Care Coordinator Program


My PCC Program is an 18-week training program for your practice. In this program I work with you and your team to help them master patient management from the first phone call to get the new patient scheduled and arriving for care, scheduling out the POC, discussing the cost of care, preventing same-day cancels and no-shows, and mastering overall schedule control.


I'll handle their worries and considerations and put them in control of their position. And I'll be there between our coaching calls to answer questions as they arise. 

The Cancellation Prevention Program - one-on-one training


You might worry about being able to handle the Basic PCC Program to start. I hear you and that's why I offer one of the MOST sought after programs for you and your team. My Cancellation Prevention Program is where I began when training my team back in 2012. This system took us and many other practices from 75% arrivals to 95% in just a few months. Practices that work 1:1 with my to implement this program, also have similar results. 

This is an 8 week program that focuses on mastery of proven scripts and patient management techniques. You'll have EVERYTHING  you need to master this most common problem. 

Specialized Mastermind Classes

Join a Cancellation Prevention Masterclass


During this 8-week group mastermind, you and your team will join a group of other practices, study weekly and have weekly online classes that focus on cancellation and no-show prevention.


I'll show your team how to master my proven patient management techniques and handle patients to prevent same-day cancels and no-shows.


This program starts at specific times each year and you can save while learning my proven program. 

Virtual Training Academy

The Front Office GURU Training Academy


My Virtual Academy has over 100 video based lessons that you can use to train your front office staff to become Patient Care Coordinators. The content mirrors my Basic PCC Program and you can follow the path a patient takes through care, start-to-finish or you can start with your more problem area and handle that first and then move on to the next. 

You can monitor team progress from your account, and only need to add more student seats as you need them. If someone leaves, you can remove their access and add your new hire. And there's more to come.

Dee Bills - Front Office GURU

Unsure what to choose? 

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

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