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What IF you could Take CONTROL of same-day cancellations and no-shows

and have your patients thank you for it?

Are you struggling with any of these:

  • Patients who repeatedly same-day cancel or no-show?

  • Staff don't know how to handle them?

  • You've given them scripts and they don't use them?

  • Patients play team members off each other or say things like, "nobody today me that" or "I didn't know I needed to call ahead"...

  • Patients not being charged a fee for repeated CX/NS issues..


Cancellation Prevention is where I started

and we went from 75% arrivals to 95% arrivals in 6 months

And when you sign up to have me train and coach your team, you can too!



In this 9 week program, you'll receive:

  • My proven cancellation prevention training and systems - what we've been using for the past since 2013 to achieve 95%+ patient arrivals day after day

  • A weekly course pack that includes the exact process to follow and scripts to use

  • Audio demos so your team can use them to master the patter of the conversation.

  • ​All the digital files you need to implement the system with ease (including implementation instructions).

  • We hold 9 -weekly Zoom meetings to review the week's content

    • We'll discuss how to take control and remain the wonderful people they are

    • And they'll learn the exact system of patient management to PREVENT same-day cancels and no-shows

    • I'll teach them how to use my scripts so they get the exact results they need

    • And, I’ll help them overcome any worries, considerations or objections they may have

  • You can record these calls for future use in staff training and retraining

  • And you will all have access to me on Voxer so we can stay in contact between meetings

If you're looking to take your cancellation prevention to the next level and want the added benefits of private coaching so you know there's someone there to help you get it all in place, let's do a quick call to make sure this is the best fit for you.

Here's a sample weekly schedule

Week 1: How to speak to your patients to establish and maintain control right from the start

Week 2: Using your Missed Visit Policy to prevent cancels and no-shows - part 1

Week 3: Using your Missed Visit Policy to prevent cancels and no-shows - part 2

Week 4: Practice DRILL session

Week 5: How to handle someone when they call to cancel; to prevent the cancellation

Week 6: How to handle patients who still same-day cancel to prevent further issues

Week 7: Handling sick patients, emergencies, and Medicare

Week 8: No-show prevention and management

Week 9: Reviewing the FLOW of cancellation prevention; And FINAL DRILL SESSION

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Unsure if this program is right for you?

Check out my COMPLETE lineup of training options.

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