Watch my webinar: Scripts for Converting Patients to Telehealth

As you begin to take a leap into telehealth / e-health during the Covid-19 crisis, I've created scripts for you to use to handle your patients properly and transition them to telehealth .


Click the buttons below to download my slides and my scripts for converting patients to a telehealth program. 

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Audio demos - handling calls

Hey there! As part of my continued commitment to you and your practice health, Emily and I created audio files that demo the phone scripts in an actual phone call. These coincide with the webinar, slides, and scripts I've provided for you. If you've found that any of this training was of benefit to you, or if you like how I present, scroll down to learn more about what's coming in May 2020. You too, can join the Front Office GURU family!

For your Front Office Staff:

Converting a patient to telehelp calls where the PT would call to check on the patient.

For your Front Office Staff:

How to convert a patient to a telehealth or e-health program.

For your Clinical Staff:

How to convert a drop-off to telehealth / e-health program.

Training and Systems

for your Patient Care Coordinators

Fix Your Front Desk Online Academy offers you:

  • Includes 3 progressive front office courses for your private practice.

  • This training focuses on managing patients in a PT, OT, ST, or chiropractic practice

  • Lifetime access for the owner / manager plus 5 staff members.

  • Need to add more licenses as you expand? No worries, you can purchase additional licenses as you expand.

  • What if someone leaves? You can delete their access and assign it to a new team member!

  • Are you an enterprise or large group? We offer enterprise options for practices with more than 5 team members to train. 

To get started TODAY click the link:

What are some of the features of the online academy?

  • Access your courses online - anytime - now you can train your team on your own schedule and implement as you go!

  • Train your whole team in proper patient management

    • They'll learn my exact system for how to manage patients to ensure they get the care they need and deserve 

  • You'll have what you need to train and retrain them:

    • Practical Questions - they'll answer questions on a practical worksheet for each video lesson to ensure understanding
    • Scripts - they'll learn how to talk to patients to get results using proven scripts
    • Practice Drills - learn how to master a script before trying it out on a patient

    • Special audio demos - your team can listen to how the GURU does it - mastering scripts with demos from Dee

    • Implementation worksheets - you and your team will have specific implementation worksheets as you complete parts of the program - consider these your personal strategic plans to implement quickly and effectively

  • You'll be able to track the progress of each team member

    • Get notifications when they aren't training OR when they complete a module

    • Assign lessons and be able to track if they're completed

    • Follow along and train with your staff for even more success!

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