Online front office training created by Front Office GURU

The Front Office Training Academy

When you provide consistent training for your front desk team,

they'll see themselves as Patient Care Coordinators,

and learn to manage patients so they get the care they need.

And your patients will notice and appreciate it!

Since 2011, I've worked exclusively with my front office team and those of other PT and OT private practices. My focus has been on creating systems and training to create Patient Care Coordinators for our front desks and then guide them in building long-lasting and effective relationships with their patients.


This in turn has led to HUGE GAINS for the practices that implement my training and systems. 

I've made it so easy to train your team! For the price of one new patient per month you can train your front desk AND help more patients get the care they need!


What are some of the features of the online academy?

  • Includes 3 progressive courses in patient management, sales, cancellation prevention, and much more!

  • Access your courses online - anytime

    • I've set it up so you and your team can study short lessons and implement as you go​.

  • You'll have what you need to train and retrain them:

    • Practical Questions - they'll answer questions on a practical worksheet for each video lesson to ensure understanding
    • Scripts - they'll learn how to talk to patients to get results using proven scripts
    • Practice Drills - learn how to master a script before trying it out on a patient

    • Special audio demos - your team can listen to how the GURU does it - mastering scripts with demos from Dee

    • Implementation worksheets - you and your team will have specific implementation worksheets as you complete parts of the program - consider these your personal strategic plans to implement quickly and effectively

  • Access regular LIVE learning lessons to build on your team's training

  • Want more information? CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE discovery call​

  • This program is most appropriate for PT, OT, ST, multi-disciplinary and chiropractic practices.

Let's talk about the Courses!

My front office online courses are designed to progress your front office team through a series of lessons built around specific areas of difficulty with patient management. Ultimately the academy will walk your PCCs along the path that every patient takes through care from the initial call through a completed plan of care; or as I call it: achievement of full recovery. 

Since your Patient Care Coordinators are the first and last points of contact for all patients and since many come to you with on-the-job training or no experience in sales or extensive patient management techniques, your success comes from training your front office team.

Now imagine not having to recreate the wheel or figure out what works. Imagine if you and your front office team could login online and have the tools you need to train and retrain right at your finger tips. And what if your team could learn from someone with a proven history of success. You can!

Level 1 - How to speak to patients to get results

In their Level 1 training your team will master the role of the Patient Care Coordinator and how to talk to patients to get results. We’ll cover topics like:

  • What it takes to be a Patient Care Coordinator

  • The Path that every Patient takes throughout the course of care and their role in keeping the patient on the path

  • How to talk to people to get results - things to avoid and what to focus on when talking to patients

  • They'll learn about maintaining control, needs vs. wants, being certain, the pain effect and how it can affect your relationship with your patients

  • I'll show you all how to take control of situations, guide the patient to ensure they get the care they need and deserve, and why they need to manage objections.  


Level 2 - Schedule Control

In their Level 2 training, we'll take schedule control and cancellation prevention to a whole new level. We'll begin by mastering schedule control and progress to prevention of same-day cancellations and no-shows. I'll cover the WHY behind every action they take and they'll learn:

  • How to schedule out the plan of care efficiently and effectively​; and how that affects the entire practice.

  • Managing the schedule to make sure that all patients are scheduled for their weekly appointments, how to reschedule effectively, what to say to maintain control of the patient path through care.

  • They'll learn about my highly effective and easy to use Missed Visit Policy.

  • And they'll learn about why it's essential that they prevent cancellations instead of having to react to them and charge the fee.

  • The goal of the Cancellation Prevention Program is to ensure proper patient management and the prevention of same-day cancellations a no-shows while maintaining control of the schedule AND the practice-to-patient relationship.


Level 3 - New Patient Conversions

In their Level 3 training, it's all about the initial call with your new patient leads and your PCCs role and responsibility toward new patient conversions. This is where practices begin to improve expansion and begin to build patients for life.


I've found that the better your front desk team knows how to increase communication, build trust, and develop a relationship with your potential patient leads, the more successful the long-term relationship with them is. Building a Patient-For-Life is all about the initial call. In this course, they'll learn:

  • The importance of the initial call​
  • How to control the patient path from the start

  • The 5 Key Questions that increase conversions

  • How to properly offer evaluation appointments and how to handle objections to time, money, and uncertainty. 

  • How to be a master at new patient arrivals using some simple tips and tricks

  • How to script every conversation with the new patient to increase the PCCs credibility and level of respect. 

  • How to handle the discussion about money - from the basic discussion of insurance benefits and patient responsibility to advanced training about how to handle out-of-network and private-pay patients to get the sale.

What's next?

There's never the right time to get started, so sign up and make a plan to start today.  Let my proven training and systems help your Patient Care Coordinators ensure that patients receive the care they need and deserve.

Give them the tools to handle some of the biggest issues that plague the private practice world, sign up and get started today.


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