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If you're marketing your services, you spend a good deal of money attracting new patients. But you could be flushing your cash down the toilet if your team isn't converting those calls to scheduled and arriving new patients.


Did you know that private practices lose more visits from lost potential patients? This is due to front office staff not having the skills or the tools to convert leads to a scheduled new patient appointment. IN fact, you will lost more revenue due to lost leads that from same-day cancellations and no-shows.


If you look at it from a patient care perspective, that means there were potential patients who didn’t receive the care they needed to fully recover from injury.

Lead conversion consists of two very specific things:

  1. identifying ALL potential patients and,

  2. closing them on getting scheduled for a new patient appointment.

These two areas of the new patient process are where the most patients visits are lost.


Mis-identifying or mis-handling of a potential new patient occurs because front office team members only identify the ‘low hanging fruit; the patient who calls and tells them they need to schedule an appointment and is willing to get scheduled right then and there.

But, what about all the other potential patients who call?

You know who I’m talking about, the shopper calls:

  • Do you take my insurance?

  • Do you treat my condition?

  • What are your hours?

  • I’d like more information about your services…

They're reaching out for help. Is your front office team prepared to convert them to a scheduled evaluation?

Consider this:

“People don't call your practice unless they need your your team must be able to convert more leads to scheduled and arriving new patients."

- Front Office GURU

Ask yourself the following?

Is each member of your team able to identify those shopper calls? 

Are they able to walk that potential patient down the right path and convert them to a new patient appointment?

If not, how many patients aren't getting the help them need when they reach out...and as a result, how much revenue is your practice losing due to failed lead conversions?

Regardless of your clinical specialty, every new patient is valuable to your practice; first and foremost, you’re meeting your purpose of helping others and then there’s the added revenue.

Let’s look at physical therapy as an example. If we consider the value of a single patient’s plan of care, it ranges between $700-1200.  That means that even one lost new patient per week would result in losses of $36,400 - 62,400 over the course of ONE year; and that’s just one per week. Prior to training, the average front office fails to convert between 30-45% of the leads that come in per week.

So, if 20 potential patients reach out in a week, that would mean they’re not converting 6-9 leads per week to scheduled new patient appointments.

Over the course of ONE year, that equates to 312-468 people who didn’t receive your help AND between $218,400 - $561,600 in lost revenue; in ONE year!!! What could that mean to your practice? More equipment, staffing, or other services? It might even mean you’re taking home an owner’s salary for the 1st time in ages.

Don’t market without training your front office. It's like flushing cash down the toilet. Help your front office team learn how to convert more leads to scheduled and arriving new patients and see your patient visits and your revenue soar to new heights.

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If your front office team can only convert the lowest hanging fruit on the tree, you're losing a significant amount of potential patients.

My main objective is to provide front office training to assist your team in managing patients and handling objections that occur.

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