People don't call your practice unless they need your your team must be able to convert more leads to scheduled and arriving new patients."

- Front Office GURU

What happens when a potential patient calls?

Does your front office team have the training to identify every potential new patient and convert them to a scheduled and arriving evaluation appointment?

When your staff struggle to convert that initial call to a scheduled and arriving new patient evaluation, you bleed patient visits. And...

it takes more work to fill the schedule AND YOUR COST PER LEAD GENERATED SKYROCKETS!

For every lead your team fails to convert, your practice loses $800-1500...and that patient doesn't get the care they need.

If your front office team converted just ONE additional new patient each week, it would INCREASE YOUR PRACTICE REVENUE BY $41,600 - $78,000 per year!

ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your front office team know how to convert every potential new patient that calls your office?

  • Do you have a system to train your current and future front office team members to establish consistency and certainty?

  • Do you track calls converted to new patient appointments on a daily basis? And if so, can your front office team convert 90+% of the calls that come in to scheduled and arriving evals?

  • Do you have a set process to follow for each new patient from initial phone call through a fully scheduled out plan of care?

If you answered "no", we can help. 

New Patient Conversions Training

The Patient Care Coordinator Program begins with specialized training to help your front office team members convert more leads to scheduled and arriving new patients.

The initial contact with any potential patient is THE MOST IMPORTANT contact your team will have with them. During the initial contact your team needs to increase the potential patient's willingness to communicate, build their trust, and develop a lasting relationship, all while maintaining control of the process and getting them scheduled.

This program was designed to train your front office team how to convert more calls to scheduled and arriving new patients. During this course and one-on-one coaching, they'll learn the theory behind gaining a patients agreement and how to handle any objection to getting care that comes up.

With the New Patient Conversions Program your team will have the tools they need to convert more calls to NEW PATIENTS:

Phone Conversions
They will have the tools needed to convert the initial phone call to a new patient evaluation time after time.

Scheduling the full POC
Learn the proven techniques we use to get our patients to schedule out their full plan of care and why it is important to the practice.

The right way to "talk" to patients
Your staff will learn how to speak to patients to get the desired results and maintain control so they can convert more calls to new patients.

Increase Arrivals
Learn how to prevent a new patient from cancelling or not showing up for the evaluation.

Objection Handling
Learn how to handle patient objections to scheduling, paying their responsibility, and showing up for their visits.

Proper Data Collection
Learn what to collect and what to do with it to ensure that you have clean claims going out the first time around.

What you receive with the 

new patient conversionS program:

FULL training manual

You'll receive a COMPLETE training manual to use now and with future hires. This will ensure you have a successful system in place to reproduce over and over again. It can be used for training, retraining, & competency checks.

Video Coaching Calls

As part of this training, you & your front office team with participate in 12 one-on-one video coaching calls so we can focus on your practice. This will promote immediate implementation of the program to increase SUCCESS!

Track the "right" stats

You'll learn the best stats to track when measuring calls to conversions. As we progress, your team will be empowered to demonstrate increased accountability and responsibility for their products.

The full NP process

Your team will have a complete New Patient process to effectively handle all potential new patients from the initial call to through scheduling a full plan of care. 

Scripts and Files

You'll receive the scripts and files necessary to implement each step along the way. Your team will learn and then put what they've learned into actions as soon as possible. 

Drills and Practicals

Without practice, one cannot achieve ones true potential. As part of your training, you receive drills and practicals to ensure the team can apply what they've learned. 

it's time to clean up thAT leaky new patient funnel!

When you get started with the NEW PATIENT CONVERSIONS PROGRAM, you'll increase your practice revenue potential within a few weeks! And even better, your team will increase their certainty of self and take on a whole new level of customer service. 

Right from the start you will have the tools you need to close up any leaks in your marketing funnel AND build a better patient experience. The return on investment is HUGE and you will have this program forever.  If you capture just ONE additional new patient per week you can add approximately $46,000 to your practice revenue!  IMAGINE what would happen if you had a program that could help you convert 5-10 additional new patients per week! 

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