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Let's take a look at what same-day cancels and no-shows are costing you

This can be the hardest one to confront. Why, you might ask?
Because it's painful to know what you COULD be making...and currently aren't.

But no matter what you find out, it can ALWAYS improve!

And I'm here to help.

After working at my front desk for roughly 6 month, back in 2013, I finally had a system of patient management that got patients to schedule AND arrive for care.

Or provide the required notice so we could help another patient in need. 

And since that time, our same-day cancels and no-shows are 5% or LESS.

So, let's take a look at what you're losing from same-day cancels and no-shows and how increasing to 95% arrivals can help you build a foundation for success.

Enter your data into the REVENUE Calculator
(we don't track this so it's private just for you...I promise)

I also have a free excel sheet you can download + use.

Just click the Excel icon to the right and you'll be able to download right away.
You can use this to compare where you are today to the wins you will have working with me.

Photo of Lost Revenue Calculator.png

So now that you have a better idea of what same-day cancels and no-shows are costing you, I have an offer for you.

Come join me and let me help your team.

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