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My Academy has over 100 on-demand training modules to help your front desk learn to...

  • Communicate effectively with patients

  • PREVENT same-day cancels + no-shows

  • Schedule MORE new patients on the initial call

  • Discuss the cost of care + collect what's due at the visit

  • Consistently schedule MORE patients for the full plan of care

  • Fill the schedule with patients who WILL arrive

  • And so much more...

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Cancellations Checklist | Front Office GURU

Dr. Delaine Fowler shares her SUCCESS with my training

Watch the video to learn how her front office staff took control + increased their arrival rate to greater than 95%!!!

Front Office GURU Success

Dr. Delaine Fowler, PT, DPT
Owner of Accelerate Therapy and Performance

See what my clients have to say...


Michelle Friedman, DPT 
PT Practice Owner
Atlantic PT, Pennsylvania

"I highly recommend working with Dee. Her program is extremely thorough and easy to understand.


Within a few weeks, our arrival rate went from 75% to 95%.


I can't recommend Dee's program enough."


Kimberly Shelly
Director of Administration
Teton Therapy, Wyoming

"This training is amazing! 


Even before we completed the training we saw a consistent increase in our arrival rate.


With every new action implemented we saw increases.


The program paid for itself !"


Karen Pettine, DPT
Co- owner

ABQ Scoliosis and Spine Therapy, AX

“Dee, Just wanted to send you a quick thank you. We are really finding value in your materials, and it is helping!


We had a 91% arrival rate today and before your course we were in the high 70’s to low 80’s range.


We appreciate you!”

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