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Crystal & Paul Henry, Owners
Ozark PT Specialists, 
Mountain Home, AR

"Dee is amazing!! She not only educates owners, but equips office staff for success and empowers them to take control of situations that can be problematic, such as cancellations, demanding clients, and billing issues. She helps to bring organization to chaos, and implements systems that are sure to not only help your clinic run smoother, but have a huge impact on the bottom line. We have been so pleased and are so thankful for her help!! Thank you Dee!!"

Frank Garza, PT, Owner

"I am so glad we took action on getting consulting from Dee. We were at a point where we were growing but had no systems in place to manage and be able to handle the growth. Since her consulting on our front desk our arrival rate has consistently been above 90 percent and we have control of our weekly visits. Most importantly we have the tools to be able to find a problem when it arises but also keep them from happening.  Thanks so much Dee!" 

Kim Narkter, PTA, Owner

"Dee has great systems that are developed to help   a business owner track their growth and stay in top of employees! Her programs are developed in her own PT family practice! These programs will help you to improve your patient attendance! Track metrics with your staff to see who your producers are and who are not! I am so excited to learn how to track metrics so that I am not constantly micro managing my employees!!!" 

Mike Barnes, PT, Owner

Barnes Physical Therapy, Texas

"Dee Bills has truly helped me pay “D’Bills!” I’m so thankful to have met her and purchased her systems and training. The ROI is actually the highest of any investment I’ve made in my practice. Don’t hesitate to contact her, you’re losing money as you think about it!"

Brandon Hepner, PT, Owner

Rock Run Physical Therapy, Utah

“For years we have not been able to control our late (same-day) cancellations and no show visits.  This was costing my practices tens of thousands of dollars a year and making it extremely difficult to know how much staff we needed.  After starting with PPAC we were able to show a dramatic turnaround is just a few weeks!

For example:  Fridays were traditionally a poor day for patients to attend their scheduled visits.  We often referred to this as the “Friday Flu.”  After just 4 weeks with PPAC we had our first Friday with no cancellations or no shows.  All 46 people who had appointments showed up!  Thank you PPAC!”

Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz, PT, Owner Profession Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

In June 2017, I did an office visit at Professional Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Massachusetts. My main focus with office visits is one-on-one training and consulting with the front office. Take a moment to listen to Stacey's results.

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