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Put a STOP to
same-day cancels and no-shows

Without punishing patients or creating drama.


If our patients want results, they need to do two things:

  • Schedule out their FULL plan of care

  • Arrive for their scheduled appointments

And if they can’t attend an appointment, we need them to provide enough notice so we can help another patient get in for care they need and deserve.

This may seem obvious, but imagine managing a large group of patients and providers.

Yet, that's exactly what your front desk staff need to do each day...

Proper patient management and prevention of same-day cancels and no-shows takes training, a set process to follow and consistent messaging to get everyone on the same page.

And that's where my Cancellation Prevention Program takes over.

The Cancellation Prevention Program offers everything you and your team need to get patients to schedule AND arrive for their care.


The front office will have a specific process to follow and know how to handle patients w/ ease.

They'll learn how to use consistent messaging that gets results.

They'll be able to ensure patients understand your policy and expectations.

If a patient calls to same-day cancel, the team will know how to easily to prevent the cancellation.​

The program will teach them how to help all patients get the care they need and deserve.

You'll have less CX + NS because patients will follow along without all the drama. 


Download my FREE calculator and find out if your EMR is accurately measuring arrival rate...

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