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Prompt EMR & Practice Management began out of the desire to fix the problems inherent to legacy software systems in the Physical Therapy Industry.


Coming from the patients point of view, our team recognized many operational inefficiencies that could be corrected by a system built utilizing technology available to us today.


Prompt is a modern, and highly automated system built to handle everything your rehab practice needs on one login. Our mission is to have you spend the least amount of time on our system as possible - leaving you more time with your patients, your business, and your family.

Are you looking for an EMR and patient management system that takes it to a whole new level?

Reach out to co-founder, Mike Dwyer at

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I'm excited to announce that Front Office GURU is partnering with Prompt EMR in 2021!!


We're building my highly successful patient management systems into Prompt EMR to create software that puts focus on your front desk systems for patient management. It will be the first and most comprehensive system of patient management in the United States!


And Prompt users will have the option to add-on these successful systems while training their front desk team using my Fix Your Front Desk Academy. Never before has so much attention been placed on the front office and their role in patient management! And you're not going to want to miss this!

Nathan Shields - Physical Therapy Owners Club

Nathan Shields - Physical Therapy Owners Club

Nathan Shields, PT, ECS – Business Coach and Host of The Physical Therapy Owners Club podcast


Raise your hand if you’re a PT owner who wants more freedom and greater profits!  If you raised your hand and you’re NOT currently living the dream you envisioned for your clinic then you’re probably not following THE formula for PT owner success – the key to more freedom and greater profits.  This time-tested formula is what most (if not all) of the successful PT owners you see across the country have followed to grow their businesses.  What’s the formula you HAVE to follow?  Simply this:  Reach out – Step Out – Network.  Three simple steps. 

To learn more about the formula and how to apply it so you can achieve more freedom and greater profits schedule a time to talk with me about your practice -  


And listen to my podcast to hear what other PT owners are doing to be successful -

I've been blessed to know Nathan for many years and have been a guest several times on his podcast. Being able to work with successful practice owners and coaches increases the success of the practice. Check out Nathan's podcasts to learn how he can help you. 

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